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Our candidates are the heart of DM Estate Staffing’s extensive network. We value the relationships we build with our candidates, understanding your needs, goals, and unique talents. Your success is our top priority, and we support you in a variety of ways, from interview coaching to conflict resolution techniques. Helping our candidates shine is not just important to us; it’s at the core of what we do.

What You Can Expect From Us

Our candidates can anticipate a partnership built on trust and communication. We understand that your career is paramount, so we promise to keep you informed every step of the way. You can count on our prompt responses when we put you forward for a position. Whether you move forward in the selection process or not, we will always provide you with clear feedback. We firmly believe every opportunity is a chance for personal and professional growth, and we are committed to helping you make the most of each.

Transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. We won’t hesitate to let you know if a position doesn’t align with your aspirations and career goals. We value our partnership and understand it begins with candid and open conversations. Above all, we are dedicated to advocating for our candidates, ensuring you enter a positive household or family office environment where you can thrive in your new role. Your success and well-being are our top priorities, and we are here to support you throughout your journey.

Roles We Place

Exploring the Spectrum of Excellence

  • Domestic
  • Household Leadership
  • Culinary
  • Family Office | Corporate
  • Yacht | Aviation
  • Head Gardener
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Driver
  • Executive Protection
  • Butler
  • Governess
  • Private Teacher
  • Nanny | Educator
  • Nanny
  • Family Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Laundress
  • Housekeeper
  • Houseman
  • Estate Couple
  • Property Caretaker
  • House Manager
  • Estate Manager
  • Director of Residences
  • Chief of Staff
  • Estate Hospitality Manager
  • Estate IT Director
  • Estate Security Director
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Real Estate and Construction
  • Construction Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Landscape Director
  • Personal Chef
  • Private Chef
  • Event Chef
  • Drop-Off Chef
  • Seasonal Chef
  • Office Chef
  • Yacht Chef
  • Jet Chef
  • Family Office CEO
  • Family Office COO
  • Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Human Resources Director
  • Yacht Captain
  • Yacht Steward | Stewardess
  • Yacht Chef 
  • Yacht Engineer
  • Jet Chef
  • Flight Attendant

What We Expect from Our Candidates

We hold our candidates to high standards, all in the spirit of building a successful partnership. We believe in starting on the right foot, which means having an organized and up-to-date resume, openly sharing your preferences for your next role, and being transparent about your past positions and reasons for leaving. Additionally, providing references—former employers or supervisors—who can speak to your qualifications when the time comes is invaluable.

We value responsiveness and honesty. When our client requests an interview, we appreciate a prompt reply. Whether it’s an interview with us or the client’s hiring team, we trust you’ll bring your best self to the table. This commitment to professionalism extends throughout the trial phase as well. Our partnership is built on trust and mutual respect, and your dedication to these expectations ensures a smooth and fruitful placement process. We look forward to working together to find the perfect fit for your next career opportunity.

Inclusion Statement

DM Estate Staffing celebrates diversity, recognizing that each individual brings a unique perspective and value to our candidate community. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment where differences are embraced.

Our commitment to inclusion extends beyond our own doors; we collaborate with clients who share our vision for creating workplaces that reflect the varied tapestry of our global community.

We believe that diversity is a powerful catalyst for innovation, creativity, and success. While we may not directly employ the candidates we represent, we take pride in connecting our clients with a rich pool of talent from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities.

Our mission is to facilitate partnerships that go beyond traditional hiring practices, where clients actively seek out and welcome individuals from all walks of life.DM Estate Staffing is united in our commitment to building a culture that champions equality, fairness, and respect for all. Together with our clients, we contribute to an environment where individuals can flourish, grow, and realize their full potential, fostering a workplace that reflects the vibrant diversity of our shared world.

Join us in shaping a more inclusive future, one partnership at a time!

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